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Please Use This Pricing Guide as an Estimator, Assuming the Area is More or Less Ready to be Painted.
Labor Quotes Include Minor Drywall or Wood Repair and Caulking, Taping, Spot Sanding and Priming, 2 Coats of Paint Unless Otherwise Stated, and Cleanup.
Additional Preparation such as Extensive Drywall or Wood Repair and Caulking, Scraping, Sanding or Paint Removal, and Wall or Trim Priming, As Well As Overall Height May Affect the Labor Quote.
These Prices are Labor Only and Do Not Include the Cost of Liquid Material (Paint, Stain, etc.),
which will be Determined by the Size of the Area, During a Free In-Home Estimate.

Special discounts for rental units and vacant properties.

Interior Painting Services:

Standard Pricing for Wall Painting:
Individual Room Ceilings: $75-125 (Flat vs. Textured)

Individual Accent Walls:
$75-125. (Bedroom Wall vs. 2 Story Great Room Wall)                                                                                                             

Individual Closets: $75-125
(Linen Closet vs. Walk-In)                                                                                                                         
Bathrooms/Kitchens: $75-125(Kitchen vs. Kitchen/Dinette)                                                                                                                   

Single Rooms (Most Bedrooms, Living/Dining Rooms, Offices, Larger Kitchens): $125-180
(Size Dependent)

2 Story Great Rooms, Open Foyers, Lofts, Vaulted Ceilings, etc.: $250-400. 
(Size Dependent)                                           

Standard Pricing for Trim and Door Painting:
Add Trim to any Wall Paint Job: $60-90 per Room.
Add Doors to any Wall Paint Job: $30-50 per Door.

These prices assume the woodwork has been previously painted or primed, or for staining, bare wood.
 There may be additional charges for priming or stripping the woodwork.

IIndividual Room Trim Painted (Baseboards, Window & Door Frames): $75-125
                                                 (Add Crown Moulding)                           
                                                 (Add Chair Rail)                                     

Individual Door painted: $50-75-100
(Flat vs. Six-Panel vs. French Pane)

Individual Window Painted: 
$50-75(Standard, Double-Hung vs. French Pane)

Individual Door Stained/Polyurethaned: $75-125-175
(Flat vs. Six Panel vs. French Pane)

Stairwell Risers & Railings Painted: $200-400
(Standard Staircase vs. Multi-Level)

Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinetry Painted: Per Individual Cabinet $50-75 
                                                                Large Vanities $150-250.
                                                                Average Kitchen Cabinets as a Package $500-600.
                                                                Larger Kitchen Cabinets as a Package $800-1000.

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Applied Paint, Ltd. was made a business November 14, 2008. We continue to grow by ensuring timeliness, attention to detail, product knowledge, experience, and customer satisfaction to the many home and business owners we provide service. The owner, Isaac Wiley, can be reached anytime at (614) 670-8069 to address any questions. Thank you for visiting our website.
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